"Are You Important Enough For Me"? Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal

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Ellow...ok, now i just wanna shared with you guys bout the talk by Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal for all graduates student....erkk, actually, for some of us which being selected to join the one day talk by Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal in his gigantic bulding in Damansara Menara Mustapha Kamal last Saturday. Before that, sorry guys I didt had picture to share with cause that day my phone was out of battery...so, there is no picture from me...huhuhu

"Are You Important Enough For Me?" if No, please dont dream that I will hire you to work with me...and this is not just me, but all others employers that you wish to work for " Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal.

Ok, that word make me thinking deeply...the word just simple whether Im important enough or not? What about you, are you important enough for them to employ you???

Sometime we just dream to high and forget to look forward the important point. Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal do said that he will only look forward those who have EXCELLENT VALUE, EXCELLENT SKILLS, EXCELLENT ATTITUDE, EXCELLENT ETHIC, EXCELLENT TIME MANAGEMENT and the most important thing is...always remember that we live in this world is just for Allah S.W.T.

Tan Sri said that, if you wanna be success in your life please remember, please be USEFUL, RELIABLE, TRUSTED and REASONABLE. Always listening cause the one that listening will gain more knowledge than the spoke one. He said, he always keep in his mind that he will only HEAR 1/2 of what he heard, 1/2 to Believe on it and 1/2 to understand it....the other 1/2 he will share it with others. To be success you must know your limits, what is your strangeness and weekness. Always organize the time, be creative and please be a good manager. Look at the TOP before you look at the BOTTOM because the top is the one that will effect the bottom line.

He also said, what do you want to do in your life??? What you want to achieve??? LIFE...life is once for all, we cant live twice, so manage your time wisely, take a look at your self in the mirror..what is your LIFE VISION??? Please Do Not Do What You Dont Want To Do... He said, there is 4 kind of people that will be appear in this cruel world...First, the I DONT KNOW and I DONT CARE, second I KNOW BUT I DONT CARE, third I DONT KNOW BUT I CARE and lastly I KNOW AND I CARE. Tan Sri ask us, which one do you wanna be and then he said, if you asking me which one...i will said the third and four. Why, because they will be the IMPORTANT PERSON FOR ME, MY FAMILY AND MY COMPANY. Can you be the IMPORTANT PERSON FOR HIM???

We always being said that, those who graduate with lower than CGPA3.00 and above will be no reason to live on BUT....Tan Sri said, I dont care whether you got CGPA4.00 or what, but what I care is that..I want someone that I can be trusted, reliable and have all career skills that will make him be the important person for me. Someone that have a talent on critical thinking, have a great interpersonal skill, an higher integrity, problem solving skills and willing to accept any challenge is the one that will be success in this reality world. Your future was not base on your university transcription, but on your self which is how you bring your self from one level to another level.

What important now is that YOUR SELF because if you have A DREAM but you dont try to achive it...its just USELESS...Dont ever give up....keep dreaming and have a faith. Tan Sri said, what ever you do please dont compromise with your FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCE, ATTITUDE, COMMITMENT, ETHIC, RELATIONSHIP and DISCIPLINE. 

Actually, there is more than this to say, but i will stop until here, hope the knowledge that I got from Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal will be inspired to all student too. And to all internship candidate that has been choosen by EMKAY GROUP...I wanna say, congratz and do your best for your future...and for me..DRB HICOM...your GOLD MINE is coming...^^

p/s: got a chance to go shoping araund The Curve but...seriusly boring cause im all ALONE...sob2...(T T)

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