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hem..a few couple of times, why im using english to wrote my blog. Em..actually, just for fun, haha..ya, for your information, i just want to improve my language, that all..and I dont care if it is wrong or what. What I know is that I just try to push my self to learn to write in English, thats all..;p

Hem..what I want to tell ya..Ok2..I got an idea now. I want to telling you guys about my day for this weeks..Huhu..actually, I think I have wrote this on one of my posts, but..this times, it will be a litter bit different. Want to know why?? Because I want to tell you what actually happen to me on my first night in this new hostels..huhu...hahahaha

Ok, I just keep it simple and short. On the first night Im sleep in here, something unpleasant happen to me..Huhu, what a bad luck I think..in here (room), I stay with my friend...and ok, I glad he became my roomate, at least I have someone to chat..As usual, nothing weird happen until when I want to go sleep..It coming..

I woke up from sleep at 2 or 3 am. My friend already sleep and goes to heaven maybe..haha..Why I woke up??? That is because, I can feel something just hit my body..I cant move at all. Im awake, but I cant move my body, even my voice cant be through out..Ahhh...Im so scared for sure..Im keep recited Al-Fatihah, Qursi, and all Quran that I remember. And you know what.. That thing did not go away. OMG, only Allah can know how and what I felt at that moment...

At last, I try to fight with that..I try to move my body. It is hard because I can fell something hold my body. My eye open, but I didt see anything. Hem..maybe it should be just like that or if not, maybe I will..haha..you know..;p

After a few minutes later, I can move my body.. I jump from bad wake up and try to see around me.. At that moment, I dont fell scare at all.. I just felt so angree...Yaa, just think..at 2 or 3 am, something distrube our sleep...of cos we fell angree write that..right..;p

Hhuhuhu...its not happen on that night only..but follow to other night too..huhu..but, Alhamdulillah, I can face with that..but, hope that thing wont come again and again..I want to sleeppp...huhuhu

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