Communication 2 @ Bukit Kachi (8/5/10 - 18/5/10)

Sunday, May 09, 2010 Nizam Riadzi 0 Comments

What a bosan day ever.. I can stick with this anymore..huhu.. Well to make a story, I just finish my final exam..n thats mean, I can go back to Ipoh n enjoy my sem break.. But, what can I do, I still in here in this University and need to go to CLASS for another 10 days.. OMG, only Allah can know how distressful I am. Ya, just imagine, from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm..had the same class.. WTFS is that.. I cant accept that. The way Im study was totally different from this. The real class that is just take about 1 1/2 hours I already felt dizzy, and this one..8 so so so cant accepted. That is not my way. Hemm..but what can I do, I still have to attend to the class..You know why..haha..just like now, but vocab on writing was so BERTERABUR... and my pronounce already disaster..maybe because it is quite long time I am not using the language..and the effect has happen to me now..huhu..what can I say..

While take this cos, I stay at Bukit Kachi which is has another 2 DPP that is DPP SME BANK n DPP BANK RAKYAT. I stay at DPP Bank Rakyat. The environment was great. Totally different from my DPP TNB.. haha..sorry to say so. In here, I can serve the internet just from the need to go out like in DPP TNB..hem..but, right now, Im using my brodband to write this blog.. My laptop cant detect the wifi sad cos my friend got that wifi, while I..maybe because this VAIO laptop already crazy..Ok, my advice when you whan to buy a laptop..dont buy it from its look and brand...or if not, you will become like me..RM4999 laptop right now look like just RM499 HAMPEH...rrrrr

Ok, just forgot about this dam laptop, I know what I will do with this..wait until I come back home..huhu..Ok, in this DPP (the place where I stay for Communication 2 class ) , I live with Khairul Syafiq. He is my friend and now for 10 days, we will remain be roomate..haha..before this in DPP TNB, he is my neighbors ..he stay with Hanif (anip) and Khairil Ariffin (ipin) 2 others friend.. emm..Ipin room just near with our room..cos we had the same blok..but anip..hoho, he stay quite far away from us..he got a different blok..haha, just beside the blok actually..;p

Ok, today is the first day..still remain another 9 days, and the I go back home..haha..cant wait for that..You whan to know why..the FIRST think y I want to go back is Im already out of money..huhu..all my saving in atm already out..n my creadit card cant be use in here..wawawa...My family..owh..y they dont call and ask me if there is any problem..Yes..I had a big problems, I run out of MONEY NOWWW...huhuhu...second..cos Im totally miss my family for sure..haha..

Ok, thats all for now, tomorrow I have to wake early..We all need to go to DEWAN MAS cos there is some program will do in there..ok..bye2..pray for me, the best..huhu..;p

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